Chugging Along

Partway through Mass Effect 3 and Costume Quest now.

Costume Quest is neat and pretty fun, but I’m absolutely terrible at the QTE combat so the fighting encounters get frustrating for me very quickly.  There’s not a lot to say about it other than that.  One of the problems I’ve had with the other Double Fine crew’s small projects.  They’re all interesting but none of them are as engaging as their other big projects.  When I’m playing Brutal Legend I can’t stop for hours.  But Costume Quest feels more like I’m just playing it to cross it off a checklist.  Which is technically true.

Mass Effect 3 on the other hand is much more engaging.  The multiplayer is surprisingly fun and of course the main plot is something I’ve been following for years over several games so I already care about what’s going on there.  But there are apparently a LOT of bugs left unresolved even so long after release.  Most of them having to do with sidequests not updating properly and rendering those parts of the game dead ends.  Given that you need to complete those quests in order to have a strong enough army to get the “best” ending (no one has managed to be insulated from the game’s ending controversy) that’s kind of a let down.


In a final bit of news, anyone who has ever played the Flash-based game Pandemic 2 will get a kick out of this screenshot.  Oh yes, let’s see you shut down everything when you’re puking up blood President Madagascar!  Mwahahahahahaha!


Success! Moving Forward

Managed to beat Dark Souls at long last!  Lord Gwyn was somewhat disappointing as a final boss.  It was a straightforward duel more or less.  His giant flaming sword was able to pierce my defenses for a bit of direct damage, but I only died twice before figuring out how to best use that column to block him charging me while I chug some of that sweet Estus.  And now I’m on to New Game +.  Or at least I would be if I didn’t need to be moving on to clearing out that backlog.

I know I said I intended to get on to Mass Effect 3, but I’m thinking of doing that AND Costume Quest at the same time.  CQ is a Steam game so I can play something a bit more lighthearted on my laptop between sessions of the apocalyptic ME3 on the console.  We’ll see how that dual gaming system works out.

In other news, my “w” key is acting up and making typing words like “now” or “words” a bit more painful than it should be since I have to occasionally stop to add in that missing letter again.  I’ll also be updating the Links page with a blurb for LordKat dot com and a few other things over the next few days as time permits.

Gaming Backlog

I took a look at my game library recently and realized that I have a LOT of games that I still haven’t finished.  The worst offender being Mass Effect 3 which I’ve owned for well over a year now and still have yet to place the disk in my console.  So for the foreseeable future I’ve placed a moratorium on the acquisition of any new games until I work through a substantial amount of that backlog.

Right now I’m playing Dark Souls, which has proven to be hard as hell and exceptionally rewarding.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting curbstomped by a huge monster over and over (and over and over) again and then finally getting the right mix of strategy, stats and equipment to take them down.  It’s the sensation that people are probably talking about when they say they prefer hard games.  Overcoming previously insurmountable challenges isn’t exactly “fun” but instead generates a feeling much more like success.  Even if there’s not any actual tangible reward for pressing the right buttons in the right way to beat up a giant blind albino dragon in a videogame.

I have every intention of starting a New Game + (over and over again) until I can max out my stats and every piece of equipment and covenant.  Just because.  But not until I work through the backlog of course.

After Dark Souls I still have a pretty long list that’s likely to occupy me for the next few months, maybe even until through Christmas.  Next up is Mass Effect 3, since I finished my marathon runs of 1 and 2 prior to starting up on Dark Souls and I want to finish up the series.  Then I’ll finally get around to playing The Witcher 2 (I’ve finished the tutorial a couple times but I always get distracted from getting any further than that).  I’m not sure what order the games after that will come in.  I still haven’t finished playing through Dead Space OR Dead Rising (both of the originals in the series), and I also have Lollipop Chainsaw, Grand Theft Auto IV, Costume Quest and the campaign mode of Plants vs Zombies to finish.  I just remembered that I also never actually finished the main storyline quests for Skyrim either, despite pouring well over 100 hours into it, so I should look into that.  Same for Fallout New Vegas.  Man I’m just terrible when it comes to actually finishing Bethesda games.  Oh and I also recently bought the complete edition of Morrowind on Steam.  There’s also Recettear and Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny to polish off, but at least I’ve played those a good way through.

So looking back on that, I have 14 games to play before I can even consider buying anything new *coughDarkSouls2cough*.  This is going to be tough.

Note: If you count me playing Dark Souls right now there are actually 15 games on the list.  I don’t count it since I’m actually almost done as of this post.  Just beat Seath the Scaleless like a punk (2-handed-gold-pine-resined-+15 Pike for the win!) and already beaten the Bed of Chaos and as a Darkwraith I’ve beaten the Four Kings too.  That just leaves Gravelord Nito and Gwyn himself since I’ve already killed literally every other boss I could find (except Crossbreed Priscilla, because she was very polite when I met her).  Now I have to go run around with a maggot on my head.  Joy. :/

Skewed Priorities

With the last few weeks of college setting in, finals are looming, papers need to be written, projects completed and I have no idea whether I’ll actually have everything I need to graduate!

This has led to an unfortunate resurgence of the depression that led to my being voluntarily placed in a mental health clinic last November. Which is quite hard to break out of.

So obviously the best thing I can do is try to find something entertaining to do that will take my mind off these troubles! (Or not, I’m still new at this “positively dealing with life” thing.) That in mind I’ve decided to try making a quick little screenshot Let’s Play of Cave Story+. Hopefully doing something fun can act as a release valve for some of this stress and anxiety.

Plus since no one really reads this blog(yet), it won’t matter how poorly done the LP is, so no pressure!

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life.” -Keith David


ImageI seem to be really bad at games.  My only saving grace is that FTL is supposed to be difficult.

Closest I’ve come to winning on just easy was with the Royal Equestrian Ship Friendship.  Rainbow Dash was the dedicated pilot, Twilight manned, er, mare-d the shields, and Pinkie Pie was in charge of weapons.  It was going pretty well, managed to get to the third stage of the final boss with fully upgraded engines and shields.  But that final surprise weapon was just ridiculous.  Need more firepower in the future to take it down faster.

Oh yeah, and I managed to actually find a Crystal man and have the Zoltan unfreeze him!  Except by that point I’d already passed through the Rock homeworlds and couldn’t go back! D:  Curse you advancing Rebel Fleet!


An STH Blog?

Well, I guess this is a thing now.  Better hurry up and make something worth putting onto the site.  At least I finally got started.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Daniel Day Lewis